MARKSCHEIDER KUNST (St.Petersburg, Russia) is

a Russian band with a German name that plays music that sounds like the African tropics. Latin-ska fusion from the Northern Havana, they are

Sergey Efremenko (Efr) – guitar, vocals, lyrics;
Danil Prokopyev – drums;
Kirill Oskin – bass;
Vladimir Matushkin (DJ Nguba) – guitar; percussion
Kirill Ipatov – congas, timbales;
Anton Vishnyakov – trombone;
Alexander Plyusnin – trumpet;
Ivan Neklyudov – saxophone
Denis Rachkov – acoustic guitar, guiro, band management

Markscheider Kunst are one of the most prominent club acts of St.Petersburg and Moscow, with a following also in western Europe. Their melodic, irresistibly positive, intoxicating and danceable music, which is best heard live, crosses borders effortlessly.

They have been touring western Europe, from Finland to Austria and beyond, regularly since 1997, and performed on numerous festivals such as e.g.German Breminale, Lowlands Festival, Finnish Ilosaarirock, Stanser Musiktage, Finnish Imatra Big Band Festival and Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2007, Sziget in 2008 and the boutique festival Cameleon in 2009. They have opened for Manu Chao and performed numerous times with The Skatalites. In 2002, Markscheider Kunst were showcased at WOMEX.

Discography: ¨

-maxi-singles,”Dance” (2001) and St.Petersburg-Kinshasha-Transit” (2005), and “Ryba” (2006), and
-three albums “Krasivosleva” (2001), “Na Svyazi” (2004) and “Cafe Babalu” on Gala. “Krasivosleva” and “Na Svyazi” have been released internationally by EMI/Virgin.
-compilations: Charlie Gillett’s “World 2003” (EMI/Hemisphere) features “Moryak” from “Krasivosleva” and “World 2004” (Wrasse) the band’s “Kvasa Kvasa”. Markscheider Kunst songs are also on German Russendisko, as well as and various ska and latin compilations, and feature in film, such as the hugely popular Piter FM, and cult movie Kislorod.

What the people say:

Markscheider Kunst , for some reason they have a german name. It’s a mix of reggae, ska and klezmer. I think the members are from cuban families, they sing mostly in russian, the end result is amazing, I love it.

Great ska-folk-worldbeat band from St. Petersburg; check them out live – 2 hours of sweat and good vibes.

Press about Markscheider Kunst:

Gillett adopts a conciliatory tone in his liner notes, trying to lure listeners into what he calls the album’s “collage of virtual unreality.” But tracks such as Markscheider Kunst’s “Kvasa Kvasa” make a convincing case on their own; leaning tropical rhythms against glancing African guitars, the song gives a danceable base to vocals that point to their homeland — Russia. (‘World 2004’: Really Going Places by Andy Battaglia, Washington Post, Sep.5,2004)

What’s ahead:

-Markscheider Kunst will be releasing their fourth, self-released album Spring 2010, and will be touring Spring-Summer 2010.

Management: Markscheider Kunst/Denis Rachkov e-mail:



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